Café College

Hooray 50K

Funded by the City of San Antonio and managed by the San Antonio Education Partnership, cafécollege serves as San Antonio’s “one-stop-shop” for college access advice, guidance, and workshops.

Aguillon Creative worked with cafécollege to implementing marketing, public relations, advertising, website development and SEO initiatives. We produced creative social media campaigns that showcased the mission of the San Antonio Education Partnership and increased recognition for cafécollege among local media outlets by distributing pitches, press releases, newsletters, e-mail blasts, and media advisories for feature stories.

In addition, we helped them cultivate a campaign around the 50,000 member! This digitally appealing campaign, which culminated in an in-person event was a huge success.


  • Developed Hooray for 50K brand identity and content strategy
  • Advertising + Media Buying
  • Public Relations
  • Event management